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User customizable
Many attributes of our calculators are customized by the user, meaning we don't have to do anything to get you set up and you can change those attributes anytime you want. Fonts, colors, images, even default values can be controlled from your website link so our calculators can blend right in with your website design. (Examples)
Automatic updates (for subscribers) Top
Because subscribers actually run the calculators from our site, any updates to the calculators are automatically reflected when run from your web page. If you subscribe to an entire group of calculators (or all calculators), any new calculators included in that group will automatically be available for you to add to your website.
Embedded or popup window Top
Even though the calculators run from our website they can be embedded (like on our Home page) to integrate seamlessly with your website design or they can run in a separate popup window.
Easy to use Top
You don't have to be a web expert to use our calculators on your website. Subscribers will be emailed a link (Examples) that you can include in your web page source. That's it!
User friendly data entry Top
Each of our calculators is designed to lead you through the process. Input fields are requested in their logical order. Result fields are displayed in an order to draw focus to the results most users are looking for. Field-by-field help is always available to explain unfamiliar terms and let you know what is expected for each field. Results are recalculated and redisplayed each time you leave an input field so you see how each input field changes the resulting calculations.
Results can not get out of sync Top
Calculations are updated as you leave each field so the results can not get out of sync. Since you don't have to click a 'Go' or 'Calculate' button to get the results to update you know the displayed results are correct.
Field-by-field help Top
Move your cursor over any field prompt to get help text. Help is available for every input field, output field, check box, and button. Click the Help Window icon button on any calculator to get the field-by-field help all displayed in one convenient popup window.
Print ready format Top
Click the Printer Ready icon button to bring up the calculator data in a separate window that is formatted to be sent to a printer. Printing this way eliminates the "calculator" look you may get when just selecting the printer icon from the browser window; the printer ready format gives you a clean consistent look when printing. All our calculators have a 'Title' field (i.e. 'Name', 'Creditor', 'Credit Card Issuer', anything) to help you identify different scenarios and keep your printouts straight.
Calculation formulas provided Top
Move your cursor over any result field to show that field's formula or use the Show Formulas icon button to bring up the calculated results with formulas in a separate window to be viewed all at once.
Related calculators suggested Top
Click the Related Calculators icon button to see a list of other calculators that give similar or complementary results. For example, if you are running the Mortgage Payment Calculator, clicking the Related Calculators icon button will show the Mortgage Comparison Calculator (but only if your are also a subscriber to the Mortgage Comparison Calculator). Select that Mortgage Comparison Calculator and we'll even populate the related fields with values you have entered into the Mortgage Payment Calculator.
Additional results available Top
Other interesting results may be available but are not part of the calculator's main function. We have made these results available by clicking the Show Additional Fields icon button (down arrow). When additional fields are displayed on the calculator window they will also be displayed in the Print Ready and Formulas windows. You can remove the additional fields by clicking the Hide Additional Fields icon button (up arrow).