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How to Make Your Website Sticky!

By Dan Moore

Sticky Website Content

Much is made of the requirement for sticky content, and ensuring your website is 'sticky'. What exactly is sticky content?

Sticky content is the name given to any content that either keeps people on a site for longer, or has them coming back time and again - and of course ideally both!

Here are some examples of sticky content:

Forums and Chat Rooms

These are often frequented by regulars to a site, and if so will tend to be full of fresh content. If you can get around five active posters, who post daily, then that should be enough to make the features sticky and ensure that more people contribute on a regular basis.


Blogs by their nature should be full of fresh content, and tend to be updated daily. If you post original and interesting content - as perceived by your site visitors - then this can be an excellent way to drive repeat visits to your site.


Polls, or interactive votes or surveys, are another excellent way to get people involved with your site. Again, anything interactive like this will encourage repeat visits, as site readers will come back time and time again and see the results of the vote.

Fresh content

Most importantly of all, fresh and regularly updated content is a must to ensure that you get repeat visitors. No changes for a week or two is a sure way to stop people coming back.

Therefore ensure that you always update your content as often as you can, particularly on the key pages like the home page - further down the site it is less important and articles can clearly stay the same for several years!

Puzzles and Quizzes

Having puzzles and quizzes on your site are an excellent way to get people to stay on site for a long time, and have them coming back time and time again.

Finally, if you are happy to give away a prize, then competitions can be a great way to drive interest in your site, and perhaps build a mailing list too (if people opt in to your list, of course).

Dan Moore is Director of Clarity Media Limited, a web design company and puzzle supplier of such smash hit puzzles as sudoku, kakuro, hanjie and codewords

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