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Enhance Your Website To Keep Your Visitors Stay Longer

By Isaac Chu

Building the web site is just a starting point, you need to submit your website to search engines and directories. As a webmaster, you need to take different means to get your website success. Here are five points you need to remember when enhance your website.

(1) Interactive
Web visitors like to interact. Don't just publish your product information on the web site. You need to make it interactive with your customers.

(2) Grabs Attention
Design your site homepage so that it grabs visitors attention as fast as possible and provides what they are looking for right away.

(3) Keep Update
You need to update your website content to fit what your visitors looking for.

(4) Attract Repeat Traffic
Use newsletters and forums to get visitors return to your website.

(5) Track Your Visitors
Pay attention to your site's statistics and react accordingly. What are people looking for? How are they finding you?

Getting visitors to your site is the first task to do for online business. So the next things is to keep your visitors stay longer at your site. A research showed that visitors will stay less than 7 seconds for a website and go to another to look for information.

How you can keep your visitors stay longer at your website? Here are 3 ways to help keep visitors on your site.

(1) Tell what products or services offered at your web site

When people first come to a web site they want to know what it is about. People usually leave a web site within the first 7 seconds if they don't know what the web site is about. Let them know what your website offered clearly can help to retain them.

(2) Provide your web site visitors with content they won't find anywhere else

Keeping your web site or blog updated with fresh and original content. This not only help with higher ranking in search engines but also encourage visitors stay longer at your web site to read the content.

(3) Offer free products or samples

You can provide some free trial or demo tour of your product. You can also provides guideline or tutorial related to your product or services.

Isaac Chu is Project Director of Evinco Solutions Limited. Evinco provides innovative business software, include emarketing web solutions, email marketing software, e-catalog publishing software, invoicing software, and electronic cheque writer. Visit: