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Online Visitor Retention and Attraction is Aided by Online Interactive Tools

A successful website requires a great deal of ingenuity, planning, and visual attention getters in order to attract visitors, have them return, and then spread the word to other potential visitors. The objective is clear. One must make their audience remember the ideas communicated by their website for a sufficient enough period of time to warrant a return and to share those ideas with friends and acquaintances. The visual content must be understood and produce “stickiness”, the watchword for Internet success.

Much of the advice on the Internet these days is geared to making people stay on a site longer. This result limits what true “stickiness” entails. “Stickiness” is also about making the visitor return to the site after they have completed their first session. For your ideas to qualify under this definition they must be understood and remembered, in a similar fashion to the way a piece of art causes an emotional reaction that must be shared with another individual. You become intrigued by the uniqueness of the idea and the thought process generated.

Creating ideas that stick also has much to do with understanding your audience. There needs to be some acceptance of your proposition, agreement as to its purpose, and a desire to act on your idea. Your “idea” must get to the core of the issue at hand in a simple manner, be unexpected to a degree but easily understood, and be credible enough to get people to participate, believe, and subsequently act beyond the context of their session on your website.

One extremely effective solution that satisfies each of the above prerequisites is an online interactive tool, designed to complement your website and encourage visitors to participate actively in discovering the benefits that your site promotes. There are a variety of options offered today that span the spectrum of basic calculators to online assessment programs that assimilate answers to qualitative questions and then generate helpful advice.

A brief list of the available categories is as follows:

  • Financial Calculators: Everything from preparing your tax returns to evaluating your credit standing or determining what monthly payments might be for a new mortgage or auto loan fit in this genre. Investment calculators also abound, and online access to information data bases for such things as forex exchange rates are easy to install if applicable to the purpose of your website;
  • Health and Fitness Calculators: Does your health related site need health tools that will help you compete with the health sites of the bigger name companies while helping you keep your online visitors? There are a variety of offerings that will deal with body issues, fitness and exercise requirements, and even nutrition and weight calculations;
  • Health Assessments: These health assessments are all made up of Yes/No questions designed to teach and help you recognize the symptoms of many health conditions. Use them to educate yourself and as a guide to what health or medical condition may be bothering you or a loved one;
  • Parenting Assessments: Raising kids is a tough job! These parenting assessments are designed to help parents recognize potential medical conditions or behavior problems as early as possible so you have the best chance of getting the right kind of help as early as possible.

Calculators are available to make any computational task as simple as typing a few keystrokes, and assessment tools can be both fun and educational, adding purpose to a website visit. These tools can also be easily installed and customized to a degree to meld visually with your existing site package.