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Learning How to Promote My Websites

A Day by Day Journal

Oct. 17, 2007 – Links to My Website (

By Peter Ramsey

Apparently it’s been a couple of busy months, because I can’t believe it’s been that long!

We’ve been busy adding some features to and responding to users who have downloaded free calculators and assessments. It’s funny how you see a little bit of everything – some people don’t finish the signup, some people give bogus email addresses so they never get their links, some people don’t ever add the links to their page, some people need help adding the links to their page, some people try to take the links from the email and change them trying to get other calculators and assessments free.

And some people actually get the links added to their page and build a page around it. It’s cool when you see your stuff running on someone’s legitimate website. We see the counters coming from those that are on and that’s pretty neat too.

I’ve been submitting links, mainly to directories because they’re the easiest I think. My goal is to get 100 links to my site added. I’ve focused on the free links (with no reciprocal required) to directories with a page rank of 4 or higher. Some say it will take months to be reviewed but most haven’t taken that long. Most say they’ll review it quicker if you pay. There’s a huge difference in prices too. Some want $20, $30 or more every year just to be included but most that charge that much it’s for a featured link. Quite a few charge $3 to $10 one-time payment for a permanent (even featured) link. I will consider paying for some of them. They all have good page rank so I don’t know how else to determine why the expensive ones are worth more?

I’m glad I have started looking for free links though, because I’m learning a lot about how much to pay. One step at a time.

I’ve mostly submitted my home page, but I’m planning to submit some to try to draw traffic directly to the groups:

I think some of these links will bring more targeted traffic for those subjects and people will find some interactive content tools they didn’t know was available to them.