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Learning How to Promote My Websites

A Day by Day Journal

October 24, 2007 – “Sticky”: The Latest Buzzword

By Peter Ramsey

When it comes to websites “sticky” seems to be the latest buzzword. But what makes a website sticky and how do you make your site more sticky?

A “sticky” website is one where the visitors “stick” around finding things to do. Sticky content for your site might include articles, games, videos, news, RSS feeds, Google gadgets, or interactive tools like online calculators and quizzes, which is what my site offers (

This article can get you started to finding some sticky content, Check your site’s statistics, add some sticky content, then check those stats again in a few weeks and see your average visit time go way up. And that’s a good thing.

Any content you add to your site should be something your target visitors will find helpful, informative, fun, or useful. If it’s cool but doesn’t have anything to do with what your site promotes, don’t include it! If you think creatively you might realize that many cool things you find actually DO apply to your site and your visitors, where at first glance you might have thought you shouldn’t add it to your stie.

I think I’ve figured out why lots of sites make things so hard to find…. Makes you stay longer and boosts their stickiness stats. But is that really what you want – artificially inflated numbers? Not me!