Teen Learning Disability Assessment
Teen Learning Disability
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We usually expect learning disabilities to be detected long before a child becomes a teenager. Young children who actually have learning disabilities may not be diagnosed because the child is a conscientious student and simply worked hard or learned to cope. In middle or high school, it may get too difficult to continue working harder and longer than other students, so teenagers with undetected learning disabilities may eventually fall behind and give up. Some teens suffer from one particular type of learning disability, while others will have symptoms from a combination of areas. It can be more difficult to believe teenagers have a learning disability because they seem to do well in most subjects, so we think their trouble area is just 'not their thing'. Your teen can have normal or above normal intelligence and still suffer from a learning disability. Children should be able to succeed in every area taught in public schools. Otherwise, they may actually have a learning disability. This assessment can help you figure out which particular type or combination of learning disabilies your teen is showing symptoms in, so you can get help where it is needed most.
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