Gifted Child (2 to 4 Years Old) Assessment
Gifted Child
(2 to 4 Years Old)
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Most gifted children show signs before they begin school. Some children merely appear to be gifted. This may happen when parents are aware of the gifted characteristics, then teach and nurture their child in these areas. A truly gifted child shows interest and progress with very little parental encouragement or coaching. Ask your gifted child's pre-school teacher to observe him/her, looking for unusual talents, skills, or abilities. Remember too that a gifted child can also have learning disabilities. Unfortunately, the disability is usually recognized while the giftedness is not. It is important to identify gifted children as early as possible so they can be guided and encouraged to develop themselves to their fullest. Take this quick assessment to learn more about the characteristics (suggested by Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D.) to watch for to help you determine if your child may be gifted.
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