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Choose the level that best describes how active you are throughout an average day. You should consider activities that you do every day for your job or at home, especially those that you do not want to track and report the number of minutes for. The important thing is to NOT include activities that you want to track individually, especially ones where your lifestyle choice here would be different without it. Just think about your day-to-day life without your planned exercise time.
Activities for which you would like to calculate the number of calories burned. Each activity is chosen from the comprehensive list of exercises, sports, household, and lawn activities provided. If you cannot find an exact match for your exercise or activity, try to choose something similar or of similar intensity.
How many minutes you did this Activity.
The Activity's assigned intensity level expressed as METs. One MET is equivalent to a metabolic rate consuming 1 calorie per kilogram of body weight per hour. One MET is also equivalent to a metabolic rate consuming 3.5 milliliters of oxygen per kilogram of body weight per minute.
The number of calories burned doing this activity for the number of minutes entered (dependent on the given Weight).
The average number of calories you burn per day and per hour.
Resting Metabolism (RMR) (also known as Basal Metabolism or BMR) is the minimum calories your body needs each day just to perform its most basic functions.