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Find out how much equity you currently have with your home or real estate and how much you could borrow against that equity. Enter your home or real estate's current market value, the amount of debt that is currently secured using the property as collateral, and the maximum percentage of market value you could borrow and let this calculator give you the numbers you need to make decisions regarding your home's equity.

Input Fields:

Title A title for these calculator results that will help you identify it if you have printed out several versions of the calculator.
Home's Current Value Your home or real estate's current market value. Click the link icon (), if available, to bring up a website and look up your home's current value.
Maximum Equity The maximum percentage of your home's value that you can borrow with the equity loan or line of credit you are considering.

Home Secured Debts

First Mortgage Balance The outstanding balance of your first or primary mortgage loan on this home or real estate.
Second Mortgage Balance The outstanding balance of any second mortgage loan on this home or real estate.
Other Secured Balance Any other amount of debt (besides a first or second mortgage) that uses your home or real estate as collateral. Include any existing home equity loan or home equity lines of credit.

Output Fields:

Total Home Secured Debt The total of your reported 'Home Secured Debts'.

Current Equity Amount The amount of equity (or the amount you could pocket if you sold the property) you currently have in this home or real estate, based on your 'Home's Current Value' and your 'Total Home Secured Debt'.
Maximum Home Secured Debt Allowed The maximum amount of debt you can have secured using your home or real estate as collateral.
Maximum Equity Available to Borrow The maximum amount you can borrow against your home equity.

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