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A Day by Day Journal

July 31, 2007 – Adding an RSS Feed for Articles and Blogs

By Peter Ramsey

I hear that offering something free is a good way to get traffic and links. So the last couple of days, we decided to add the ability to offer calculators free. We already had the ability to handle it in the data, but we have to decide which ones to offer for free, make sure the shopping cart and renewal system handles everything correctly, and feature on the site the idea that some are free and add an icon by the ones that are fee. I still need to test it a bit then it will be ready to move it live.  

If you would like some free financial calculators, health calculators, health assessments, or parenting assessments for your site, visit us at in the next day or two and check it out.

I’m also trying to concentrate on the idea of changing content that gets scanned often by the search engines. We have added an article RSS feed of relevant topics to the home page. I have some articles I want there all the time, so I’ve got to figure out how to make them look seamless. I also want to add a blog feed to this blog and a couple of others that are on topic. Then I have to decide how they act and where they go when they are clicked on.

Of course, I continue to submit links every day. So far I have mostly focused on directory listings. That has become familiar and comfortable now, so I guess it’s time to branch out and find some relevant sites to request links from. I keep coming across this magic number of 100 backlinks or inbound links. 100 inbound links is now my goal and I’m assuming things will begin to happen once I reach that magic number.

I found some neat tools yesterday. And best of all, they appear to be free. Future entries may report on how effective they really are, how free they really are, how hard they are to implement or use, etc. (Find all relevant entries by selecting ‘Webmaster tools’ from the Categories section in the sidebar.)